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Dear Community

it is now nearly 4 years since peter passed into the realms of the unseen, and a few years since the website was launched.
many changes have occured since that time, including anah k.'s departure to new mexico, which has left the web site's status up and down, during the last couple years.
but i'm happy to say that we are finally going to be up for good, thanks to our new web master jeff den broeder, who has graciously lent his expertise and assumed that role from alexis mckee, who so lovingly built and maintained the site up till now. it's been a wild road. but thankfully we're still here. and now we'll be able to keep better track and maintenance of the site.
i also want to thank mike smith in chicago for all the web pages archiving peter's works out there as well as photos and stories about peter. (see links). and for sort of keeping the website alive when it's been down. he's directed a lot of people to this site in addition to receiving and writing letters to random people. and he's been adamant about keeping it going.
i want to continue encouraging anyone in the community to contribute ideas, funds and thoughts regarding the website and/or the sharing of peter's work and vision. email me. i still really want to archive the numerous paintings and works that have not been, so if any of you have something that you don't see in the gallery let me know, by writing and filling out the archive form on this page.
the impact peter had on the community and the world is still growing. it's actually really amazing how this has been manifested over just the last year, with the realization of his "conspiracy of beards", the leonard cohen men's choir, that he dreamed up back in the early nineties. the choir has become quite a hit and performs nearly every week to enthusiastic audiences. as a result a few major articles have been written about us and just last month the choir was asked to sing at the moma for their tenth anniversary party. we took the opportunity to not only perform but to present four of peter's paintings in the museum to thousands of onlookers, while evan rehill delivered a fiery speech relating the origin and reason behind the conspiracy. the event was filmed so we'll have some clips for you to see soon. you can also read the text of his speech as well as articles about the conspiracy at http://www.conspiracyofbeards.com
finally, i've been wanting to put together a show of peter's works that people in san francisco privately own. it would be a fundraiser for this site so we can maintain and pay the fees necessary to keep it up. it would also include music by the beards as well as live human.
so i'm putting out a request to all individuals with paintings or drawings to let me know what you have and if you would be willing to have it displayed in this way.
other news. the postcard project has been changed as well. instead of having custom orders, we will now offer specific cards, ten at a time, and change those ten to different ones each year. for now we don't have any available but will soon.
that goes for peter's book as well. also limited edition poster size prints. would love any feedback regarding this stuff.
anyway, welcome back to the zone and enjoy the wonders of the linebacker, poet painter peter kadyk. he's so here.
with great love,
patrick kadyk