This website is devoted to the living memory of Peter M. Kadyk’s art work.

Peter was both a wild improviser and hard working artist of many disciplines.

He passed away at the age of 32 and left behind many gifts including
a trail of vibrant visual art to share and be inspired by.

The archival is
a place to view his artwork and also acts as an ongoing vehicle
for collecting and documenting his work.

Please visit the page if you have a piece of Peter’s art you’d like to have documented here.

The offers the opportunity to order any of the images you find in the
gallery to have and enjoy in a 5x7 format

is a language gallery of his writings where you’ll find
artist statements, performance texts, poetry, rants and wisdom.

s a place to connect with and learn about ongoing projects
related to Peter, his art and that of his pals.

Please visit often as this site is in a constant state of becoming!

In joy the ride