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the postcard project started as a fundraising effort to send peter to a healing ceremony in south dakota in the fall of 2000. "the muse of the little card" was also inspired by the fact that peter made a lot of art on index cards which he'd often send to friends, using the intimacy of a small space to portray his visual and literary magic. the postcard project is now the umbrella name for the printing projects via this site. posters and books are also available.
in the past you could order any artwork and have it made into a card. you can still do that, but from now on we're going to offer 10 new prints every year and a limited edition of posters. it is still our dream to put peter's work out into the world in the form of high quality postcards and you can read all about it in sponsor a postcard.

how to order prints

the prints available at this time are as follows:
1. molly, #A5
2. face death, #SP3
3. cry #O19
4. big ears #O23
5. face #O30
6. black spiral cat #J19
7. spiritual partnership #J14
8. in color shadows #J55
9. beast #J69
10. green monster #O11

choose the prints you want then go to the order a print page, fill it out and send a check to the address. feel free to email your order as well. allow 2 weeks for delivery.
the posters available at this time are: 1.molly and 2. cry. if you want a poster just indicate that by writing poster next to the chosen piece on the order form.
postcards are $5 and posters are $15 plus $2 shipping.


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